Storage & Maintenance

Have your bike ready to ride when you are!

A lot of the work we do involves reviving motorcycles that have been parked for too long and as a result no longer start or run. Fuel evaporates inside the carburetors and fuel tank, leaving a gummy residue. Batteries lose charge, experience sulfation, and have to be replaced. Small animals take up residence inside air filters. Worst of all, our customers come back from jobs that keep them on the road much of the year, only to find they can’t ride their motorcycles like they’d been dreaming for so long.

To help our traveling and touring customers ride when they’re home, Nashville Motorcycle Repair provides long-term storage of customers’ motorcycles for $95 per month.

When you’re ready to come home and take your bike out, call, email, or text (preferably with at least two days’ notice), and we’ll make sure your bike is ready to ride. When business calls you away from your bike again, bring it back and we’ll take care of it.

There are no extra in-and-out fees if, for example, you’re home for only a week at a time.