Covid-19 status: We are working, but on an appointment-only basis for now. Please email or call to schedule. Our Shop Manager is working from home, so there is no one up front to handle any walk-in requests. In addition we have reduced on-site staff to the owner plus one mechanic. Another mechanic is working on projects from home.

Making Motorcycles Better

Simply put: You have a motorcycle, and you need someone to repair it, handle some basic maintenance, or just check it over. That’s what we’re here for. We see the good in every bike and take care of the bad parts.

Thoughtful Repair

We try to treat every bike as if it were our own, so when we come across a sticky sidestand, creaky brake lever, or half-inflated tire, we’ll take a minute to make it better.

Repair, Sales, Parts

We've always been here to repair motorcycles. Since starting in 2011, we've moved into our own building, expanded our capacity, brought in a dynamometer for safely diagnosing certain problems, and more. In 2019 we also became a Ural dealer, and we will continue to service all years of Ural. In addition, we have access to major motorcycle parts distributors, including WPS, Tucker, and K&L Supply, so even if you'd rather do your own work, we can help get you tires, chains and sprockets, charging system components and more. We promise the prices are internet-competitive.

Common Services

Hourly rate $105

Most labor, plus parts and sales tax.

Tires mounted and balanced $35-$115

$10 per tire discount on mounting and balancing if you buy the tires through us. (Our tire prices are comparable to internet prices.) We can also mount and balance tires you bought elsewhere. Adhesive wheel weights are used for most balancing and are included with the work. Tubes, rim strips, and/or new valve stems cost extra as needed. More detail.

Oil changes $55 and up

Change your engine oil and filter at least every year or every 3,000-5,000 miles per your owner's manual. Some bikes also have separate final drive oil, transmission oil, and/or primary drive oil to keep after. More detail.

Brake and clutch fluid flush $30 per master cylinder

Hydraulic brake and clutch fluid should be replaced every 2 years — the fluid absorbs water over time, which will decrease the effectiveness of your brakes and cause damage to your hydraulics over time.

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