We’re working on a Buddy 125 scooter this week, and it’s quite impressive, especially in comparison with the cheap no-brand ones we’ve seen previously. Buddy is manufactured in Taiwan for Chicago-based Genuine Scooter Company.

Reading the service manual online, it’s clear Genuine let the factory do the English translation: One of the items in the periodic maintenance schedule is “The earlier Abnormal condition” and specifically “Confirm it does Not happen again.” You do this during every normal check-up, apparently. (The owner’s manual is written a little better, but I wonder why they didn’t hire a technical writer in, say, Chicago to edit it.)

The product is quite good, though, and Nashville’s dealer for them, East Side Scooters, is top-notch. Besides offering repair-shop pricing to us, James also provided a few unsolicited tips for avoiding common mistakes they’ve seen made by other people working on these scooters.

And if you’re in the market for a used one, the cream-colored one we’re working on now will be for sale soon. East Side has two used ones available right now, too.

Update: Unfortunately, East Side Scooters closed in October.

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