After nearly four months of testing Tuesday-Saturday hours and after one brief conversation with Roy, a nearby, long-time mechanic, I’ve decided to change the shop hours to a traditional Monday-Friday schedule.

Okay, 11am-6pm isn’t all that traditional, but Monday-Friday certainly is. I’ll still be available most Saturdays by appointment.

Why the change? As Roy told me, he spent 16 years working Saturdays, and he can never get those Saturdays spent away from his friends back. Showing up at the campground late Saturday night just to watch everyone else leave early on Sunday is kind of a downer. Mondays off are fun for a while, but the trade off isn’t worth it. As I look at my own schedule, it was beginning to look much the same. (I definitely would have been to the Barber Vintage Festival had I not been working this past Saturday.)

So! 11am-6pm, Monday-Friday, from here on out. I join the world of somewhat normal hours. Excluding the nights I work until midnight to get fluid changes and engine installations out the door.

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