This is a Flake Apricot Red CB750 K5, serial number CB750-2507902, made in July 1974. Odometer shows 31,735 miles as of 10/4/19. Front tire was made in 2017 and has 5/32″ tread at the center; rear tire is 2016 with 7/32. Bike has undergone over 100 miles of road testing by Nashville Motorcycle Repair and is in overall acceptable condition.

Some of the flaws: Seat is from another bike, but it does latch and lock. Turn signal warning buzzer works, but we disconnected it so it wouldn’t drive us insane. Front fender has been cut shorter in the back for some reason, and its front stay is missing. Will probably need the chain replaced in the next year/1,000 miles.

$1,600 as-is.