This is a gloss black Honda Hawk GT (NT650). Odometer shows 11,290 miles as of 3/28/2020. Tires are brand-new Conti Motions. Bike has undergone thorough inspection and maintenance at Nashville Motorcycle Repair and is in overall acceptable condition.

The bike was customized by its previous owner, including the following items. The front end was swapped over from a CBR600F2, adding dual front disc brakes. Both front and rear wheels are from a 1995 VFR800. The rear swingarm is also from a VFR800. We suspect the primary incentive in this work was to install wider wheels. Accordingly, the tires are not the NT650 sizes; instead they are 120/70-17 front and 170/60-17 at the rear.

The seat is a very nice Corbin with a solo look, but the pillion is still padded should you want to take a passenger. The bar-end mirrors are a mismatched pair of decent quality. The M4 muffler sounds very nice with the V-twin engine note.

Recent work, all performed at Nashville Motorcycle Repair, includes new fork seals, new engine oil and filter, fresh brake fluid, new Yuasa maintenance-free battery, and new spar plugs, along with a thorough inspection and road testing.

Flaws: The fuel tank “bra” hides a small dent on the back of the tank. And the bike has been customized, which some folks might see as an improvement, while picky mechanics will say anything not done by Honda probably isn’t an improvement. Note that the front wheel is a tight fit between the forks, so front wheel removal/replacement is a bit of a fight. Whatever the flaws, we like how it rides and love how it sounds. You will easily become addicted to the sound of wide-open throttle on this one.

$2,800 as-is.