This is a blue and white, completely stock Suzuki GS500F from 2004.

The previous owner’s brother managed to bend the valves, and the owner opted to sell rather than repair the bike. We replaced the cylinder head and one piston, both sets of piston rings, and honed the cylinders prior to reassembly. Valve clearances were also adjusted.

Other maintenance work performed includes a carburetor synchronization, oil and filter change, brake fluid flush, and a battery replacement. The tires are brand new Shinko SR740/741, because we didn’t want you to ride on the original tires that were made 16 years ago. (The new tires are not pictured.) We have road tested the bike for well over 100 miles since finishing the work. The odometer reads approximately 3,526 miles as of 4/27/2020.

While the low seat height is conducive to both new riders and short riders, the engine is powerful enough to commute faster than normal interstate traffic with ease. The GS500F and its predecessor (GS500E) were known as excellent beginner bikes that many riders keep for years, thanks to the thoroughly adequate power and handling. Are we damning this bike with faint praise? Perhaps! But we think you’ll enjoy it. By the way the seating position is more upright than leaned-forward, so despite the sportbike looks, this is comfortable even at neighborhood speeds.

Known flaws: the back of the front fender shows evidence of heat damage. Perhaps related to whatever incident bent the valves on the original cylinder head. We don’t know.

$2,400 as-is.