This is a blue and silver Bonneville T100 modified by its original owner to look more like the classic Triumphs of the 1970s.

We came across the bike when its previous (second) owner was looking to repair it, so that he could sell it, so that he could simplify his move away from Nashville. Funny story: the original engine had seized after something biological died inside the engine. We believe it was a Florida thing, since that’s where the original owner lived. We ended up replacing the engine with a 2005 donor engine. This does mean that the engine is the 790cc version rather than the 865cc version that originally came in the bike. (If you want an even bigger project, we can include the original engine, disassembled, for an extra $300.)

It comes with newer Metzeler Lasertec tires, a new chain and sprockets, and new front brake pads. Other maintenance work performed includes a carburetor synchronization, oil and filter change, and brake fluid flush. The odometer showed 16,994 miles as of 4/29/2020. The engine mileage is unknown.

Other features: Tachometer (standard on the T100), chromed engine guards, Hagon shocks with black covers, “Triumph” imprint on gray and black aftermarket seat.

Known flaws: the donor engine is a admittedly ugly-looking on the outside. The mirrors are scratched up on the outside.

And here’s why we haven’t sold it as a finished bike: At idle, and especially cold, it likes to backfire. We suspect a valve job would remedy the problem. But we’ve ended up renaming the bike Albatross, and so here it is, available as what we’re going to call a project bike.

$2.900 as-is. It might need a carburetor cleaning again, too.