This is a Flake Matador Red Honda Honda CB350F (“350 Four”). Odometer shows 2,969 miles as of 7/15/2020. The bike is reported to have gone through three owners, all of whom stored it in climate-controlled garages and none of whom really rode it much.

The bike has been through a complete inspection at Nashville Motorcycle Repair. Although the tires are not worn, they are dated from 2006 and we recommend replacing them if you plan to ride it aggressively or just enthusiastically on the street.

Seriously, everything on this bike is stock and unrestored and in nearly perfect condition, with these exceptions:

  • The headgasket leaks some oil; it hasn’t been enough to leave a drip on the ground.
  • There is minor seepage of gas visible on the carburetors.
  • The charging system has a relay added to prevent an overcharging condition.
  • If you looked at every square inch of paint you might find the occasional small scratch or nick.
  • There’s an old registration sticker on the left fork.
  • The exhaust system was replaced with a high quality four-into-four system.

The bike has been ridden 20 miles while under our care; most of those were in June 2020 during a routine check-up.

We strongly recommend this bike for a collector looking for a very nice example of the CB350F. Not to sound like jerks, but we will not sell this to someone looking for a small bike to learn on — we can sell you something brand new that’s less expensive and for which replacement parts are abundant and cheap. Save this one for experienced riders who want to show it off at Cars and Coffee once in a while.

$5,000 will include new IRC GS-11 tires, tubes, and a fresh oil change.