This is a Super Red Yamaha Virago 500, aka XV500K. Odometer shows 4,187 miles as of 8/26/2020. The last owner had it for quite a few years, parking it too long at one point, then using it to learn how to fix bikes, had it running, had a mild crash, parked it too long, then gave up again thanks to a shinier, newer, faster model.

The bike has been through a complete inspection at Nashville Motorcycle Repair. The rear tire is new, the front is in excellent condition. Shaft drive means there’s no chain or sprockets to worry about. Battery is about 6 months old. Front brake caliper and master cylinder were both rebuilt due to age. Since completing most of our work, we’ve put 50 test miles on the bike, all without a hiccup.

My (Andrew’s) own first bike was a 1980’s small cruiser like this, and friends who rode it always remarked it was surprisingly brisk for a 500cc. This Virago is no different — you can use it as a starter bike or as a bike to get started after a decades-long absence. And then as you grow comfortable on the streets, there will be lots more power waiting than you might have expected.

The seat doesn’t leave a lot of legroom for six-foot tall people, but around town you wouldn’t really notice.

Known faults:

  • Throttle cable adjuster is cracked; tape keeps it from getting funny up there. It works properly but could look better.
  • There may still be a small oil leak from the engine; we haven’t been able to pinpoint it.
  • The fuel pump had a leak at the inlet nipple, which we were only able to plug up using QuickSteel epoxy. So far so good.
  • The left engine cover isn’t pretty; the right one is somewhat better. Plastic side cover on the right looks like it was parked towards the sun or a window, so it’s faded.
  • The above list is not comprehensive for nitpicks, but nothing on this bike is out of the ordinary for a 1983 bike in decent condition.

$1,500 as-is.