Standard Stuff

This was traded in for a used 2018 Gear Up.

Previous owner brought it to us in June 2021 to get it running better. The work invoice includes a carburetor cleaning, new tires, an upgrade to the Ducati Energia ignition system, fluid changes, and a new left cylinder head assembly. We were able to ride the rig up to 50 mph. We also adjusted the upshift on the gearbox to help prevent it slipping out of 3rd gear.

Overall, it's still a Ural 650. It's simple, it's basic, and it's expected to take lots of love and attention to keep it running. Don't buy this if you want a turn-key bike that will never add any "character" to your next motorcycle adventure.

Odometer reads 3923 km as of 8/23/2021. We intend to add another 100 km to that just for the sake of thoroughness.

Options/ Accessories

  • Analog tachometer
  • Big shield-shaped windscreen, cruiser-style
  • Extra forward light on sidecar tub


  • Ducati Energia ignition system
  • 12V power outlet in sidecar
  • Real Gaskets silicone valve cover gaskets

Reverse Gear

In addition to a 4 speed transmission, every Ural comes with a mechanical reverse gear.

650cc engine

The 650cc engine, is the old overhead valve design from way back. It's very simple. It's got some history. It's a prime character (antagonist) in the German documentary “972 BREAKDOWNS – On the Landway to New York”. If you watch it, you'll be impressed with how many times five people can fix four Ural 650s on the side of the road around the world.

Stock #9029

Used price $4,400

(excludes taxes and registration)