Standard Stuff

This is a 2006 Ural, one-wheel drive, with the front disc brake and rear drums. The previous owner traded in on a 2021 Ural cT. We've ridden this one to check it out and everything feels good so far.

It has hand shifters for both the forward gears and reverse. If you have foot mobility problems, these should help you enjoy the bike. I'm tall enough that when I use my left foot for a downshift, the hand-shifter whacks my right knee -- were this to become a personal bike, I'd remove the hand shifters, but a lot of people like them.

Overall this bike was well cared for. We replaced the spark plugs and cleaned the carbs (they weren't too bad) to get it running smoothly. We've noticed no other deficiencies since then.

The odometer reads 20,762 km as of 8/23/2021. We intend to add another 100-200 km to make sure there are no imminent problems lurking.

Options/ Accessories

  • Matching metal rider fairing/windscreen
  • Two extra running lights up front, cruiser-style
  • Extra forward light on sidecar tub


  • Rich Maund tractor seat cover
  • Custom passenger seat and marine-grade tonneau
  • Hand shift levers for forward gears and reverse

Reverse Gear

In addition to a 4 speed transmission, every Ural comes with a mechanical reverse gear.


The 749cc engine, combined with powerful low end torque, is the perfect size to compliment the steering dynamics of the all steel sidecar. This particular bike, which is carbureted, cruises pretty well at 55 mph; we haven't tested the top speed.

Stock #9027

Used price $5,900

(excludes taxes and registration)