Typically Kawasaki, the GPZ1100 had nothing high-tech and used a years-old, reliable engine architecture. Imagine yourself using this as a surprisingly comfortable, fast commuter, or make quick work of a weekend lunch ride to somewhere 150 miles from home. Old enough for an antique tag in Tennessee, so you can register it once and never pay again — and then keep it as your weekend treat.

This particular GPZ came to us from the original owner, who had let it languish in his garage for several years. Realizing he wasn’t going to invest the time and money to start riding it again, he opted to sell it to us, so we could get it ready for a new home. Consider us the middle ground, where all the years of neglect were repaired away.

Here’s all the neglect-related work we’ve performed:
• New tires (Dunlop Sportax GPR-300)
• Clean carburetors and synchronize
• Fuel system flush and clean, rebuild petcock
• Oil and filter change, fresh engine coolant
• Oversize drain plug to work around stripped threads
• Rebuild front brake calipers
• Rebuild all master cylinders, flush hydraulic fluid (brake and clutch)
• Replace fork seals and oil
• Replace air filter
• Replace spark plugs

$3,400 as-is, stock #9011. Odometer showing 20,228 miles as of January 20, 2022.