Standard Features

• Sidecar Windshield
• Sidecar Power Outlet
• Sidecar Tonneau Cover

Options Installed

• Premium paint multi-tone ($1750)
• Black powdercoated powertrain ($1000)
• Front bumper ($165)
• Custom painted Baraholka boxes ($990)
• Tractor seat with mounting plate ($245)
• Vinyl seat cover ($135)

Additional dealer-installed options are available at extra cost, including the full complement of Ural accessories, driver and passenger windscreens, additional luggage racks, spare wheel, heated grips, and more.

Zarja (Sunset)

About this color scheme: The Austrian distributor makes a limited edition bike for Europe every year, much like the North American operation with their LE's. In 2013, they came up with the Zarja, and we liked it enough to order one up with their paint scheme. Ours includes a set of Baraholka metal storage boxes custom painted locally to match the bike, with orange lids and black lowers.


Our bikes are happy cruising between 55 and 65 mph. Our 749cc engine, combined with powerful low end torque, is the perfect size to compliment the steering dynamics of our all-steel sidecar.

Reverse Gear

In addition to a 4 speed transmission, every Ural comes with a mechanical reverse gear.  Reverse can be engaged by the foot pedal to the left of the rear brake.

Stock #1026

Base price $15,549
Options installed $4,285
Dealer prep $500
Destination fee $695
2021 Discount! -$1,050

Total price $19,979

(excludes taxes and registration)