Odometer reads 1,162 miles as of 1/8/2023. We’ve put half those miles on testing the bike as a commuter and for occasional day trips. Overall, we’re impressed with it! Quiet, powerful, and enough range to be useful, if not enough to go touring easily. We’ve been getting range estimates of 140 miles from the onboard electronics, but we haven’t pushed it. It goes farther if you go slower, so if you race Mustangs with it every day, don’t plan on long trips. Zero didn’t go cheap on the suspension, so it’s got Showa front forks and rear shock, and they’re all adjustable for preload and for both compression and rebound damping.

Previous owner traded it in on a new Ural. Zero calls this color “Metallic Chocolate” — we don’t come up with these names, but we recall Ford once sold a car painted “Dirt Frost Metallic,” so there’s that.

Besides the standard 14.4 kWh battery, this DSR has the optional “Power Tank” that adds 3.6 kWh, for 18.0 kWh total energy storage. That was a $3,040 option. The bike also comes with Givi Trekker aluminum top box (pictured installed), side bags (pictured off-bike), and two QuiQ chargers, along with the cable to let you use both chargers simultaneously, and a cable to let you use standard electric car power stations. (Does not include the Tesla adapter, but you can buy those.) So you could either have one QuiQ charger at home and one at work, or both in one location, or you can haul them around with you. (You can even buy two more of those things and use four at once, which seems a bit daft to us.) The bike also has an onboard regular-speed charger, which in our use has taken the battery from 30% to 100% overnight without trouble.

Right side of upper fairing got chaffed against the original owner’s car from one of the times he hauled it — pictured below. A new Power Tank fairing from Zero costs about $315 if you’re really fussy. (Part number 24-08272-26.)

$16,500 as-is, stock #9042. VIN 538SDJZ63MCG16073

The factory warranty is two years, and the original title was issued 1/27/2022, so the warranty should run through 1/26/2024. The battery warranty includes a big sticker saying the battery warranty is five years, so that’s definitely still covered by Zero. (Warranties are transferrable to new owners, by law.)