• 2nd Generation Electronic Fuel Injection -- Ural kit #51150, $2299.99 MSRP
    This kit replaced the throttle bodies, sensors, and engine controller. The fuel pump and tank remain original, as does the engine itself.
  • Float-style fuel level switch that works better than the original sensors -- Ural part IMZ-8.1040-17067-01, $81.99 MSRP
  • Dual CHT gauge (cylinder head temperature)
  • All wheels have been rebuilt (part of a recall on 2012-2017 Urals)
  • Universal spare wheel (fits all locations)
  • Adjustable touring windscreen

Options/ Accessories

  • Red/White factory paint scheme
  • Color-matched rider fairing/windscreen
  • LED Sidecar Fog Lights switched from handlebar
  • Sidecar Power Outlet
  • Sidecar Tonneau Cover
  • Two-position Bench Seat

Reverse Gear

In addition to a 4 speed transmission, every Ural comes with a mechanical reverse gear. Reverse can be engaged by a hand lever to the left of the rear brake.


The 749cc engine, combined with powerful low end torque, is the perfect size to compliment the steering dynamics of the all steel sidecar. This particular bike cruises pretty well at 60 mph; we haven't tested the top speed.

Stock #1048
Mileage: approximately 11,600 km (7,208 miles)
(Original speedometer was replaced at 329 km)

Total price $11,800

(excludes taxes and registration; we do not charge a "doc" fee)