Standard Features

• LED Sidecar Fog Lights
• Sidecar Power Outlet
• Sidecar Tonneau Cover
• Jerry Can
• Folding Utility Shovel
• Luggage Rack
• Universal Spare Wheel - Fits All 3 Positions

Options Installed

• Custom paint color ($1000)
• Black powertrain ($1000)
• Sidecar fender luggage rack ($240)
• GEO Sparewheel Luggage Rack ($195)
• Sidecar rear bumper ($200)

New for 2023

• CV-joint-style for sidecar driveshaft for smoother rotation and less maintenance
• New crankcase casting and machining for tighter tolerances and better sealing
• Roller tappets to reduce wear and allow more consistent valve clearance adjustment (we can vouch for this)
• See Ural's video for more details


• We'd pretend it means "I Know Blue", but it's actually short for International Klein Blue. The glossy version has been applied to Urals for a few years, but we were the first to order it in a metallic satin version, and this makes our second Ural in this fantastic color.
• The color IKB is in fact named by French artist Yves Klein, and if you're a nerd for this stuff, you should read what Tate (the London art museum) writes about Klein. Our favorite bit is this, which we feel applies well to the metallic satin rendition on this Ural: "When the paint dried the pigment appeared to hover over the surface of the canvas creating a rich velvety texture and an unusual appearance of depth."

Since it's hard to capture the metallic flake in a still photo, here's a video showing this paint alongside a Klein Blue glossy non-metallic Ural.


Our bikes remain happiest cruising between 55 and 65 mph. Our 749cc engine, combined with powerful low end torque, is the perfect size to compliment the steering dynamics of our all-steel sidecar.

Reverse Gear

In addition to a 4 speed transmission, every Ural comes with a mechanical reverse gear.  Reverse can be engaged by the foot pedal placed inboard of the rear brake.

Stock #1053

Base price $22,000
Options installed $2,635
MSRP $24,635
Dealer prep $500
Destination fee $950

Total price $26,085

(excludes taxes and registration)
(we do not charge a "doc" fee because no one likes those and they're unnecessary)