Standard Features

• LED Sidecar Fog Lights
• Sidecar Power Outlet
• Sidecar Tonneau Cover
• Jerry Can
• Folding Utility Shovel
• Luggage Rack
• Universal Spare Wheel - Fits All 3 Positions

New for 2022

• New 2-into-1 exhaust system with high mount silencer (Euro5 compliant)
• All new rear brake system utilizing a two-piston Brembo caliper and a standalone mechanical parking brake caliper
• High compression pistons
• Forged aluminum front swing arm
• Heidenau Tires are now standard equipment
• Updated intake manifolds with barbed vacuum ports
• New center stand

Options Installed

• Black powdercoated powertrain ($1000)
• Custom paint: Northwest Gray ($1000)
• Undercoating sidecar tub & fenders ($600)
• Red Sparrow accent package ($2,250) Sidecar Bumper Front, Sidecar Bumper Rear, Sidecar Nose Rack, Jerry Can Basket, Passenger Handles, Turn Signal Guard, Taillight Guard, Fender Clips, Headlight Rim, Skid Plate, Trunk Handle, Kickstarter, Headcovers, GEO Rack
• Red "URAL" and "2WD" badges, because it's just not right to sell a Red Sparrow without doing a little extra work
• Red DMOS Compact Delta Shovel ($150) Bigger and better than the standard Gear Up shovel, plus it's red. See above line. This is basically a Redder Sparrow than what the factory sends.
• The badges and shovel aren't the exact same shade of red as the factory powder-coated items, so if you're an absolute purist for color matching, we apologize.

Additional dealer-installed options are available at extra cost, including the full complement of Ural accessories, driver and passenger windscreens, additional luggage racks, heated grips, spotlight, and more.

Dealer Incentives

• Price has been reduced by $900
• 3rd year warranty to be included at no extra charge ($850 value)


Our bikes are happy cruising between 55 and 65 mph. Our 749cc engine, combined with powerful low end torque, is the perfect size to compliment the steering dynamics of our all-steel sidecar.

Reverse Gear

In addition to a 4 speed transmission, every Ural comes with a mechanical reverse gear.  Reverse can be engaged by the foot pedal to the left of the rear brake.

Stock #1044

Base price $18,999
Options installed $5,000
Dealer prep $500
International shipping surcharge* $300
Factory relocation surcharge* $600
Destination fee $950

Total price $25,449

(excludes taxes and registration)
(we do not charge a "doc" fee)

* International shipping and factory relocation surcharges are related to how much more expensive it became to produce new 2022 Gear Ups at IMZ-Kazakhstan as compared to the ones from the old factory. These increases will be "baked into" the base price of the 2023 models, but for the last 2022's, we opted to keep the base price the same and be transparent about the new costs of manufacturing and international shipping. But we decided to eat that cost ourselves.