We are happy to assist anyone seeking to open a community motorcycle shop in Nashville. Ours carried on from the Nashville Motorcycle Collective for about 18 months after they closed. Generally low utilization and business concerns pushed us to close down that offering at the end of 2018.

We believe a community shop works best as a strictly community-operated organization with no other business operating under the same roof. No woodworking, no for-profit motorcycle repair… just the community shop. The main thing needed is cheap rent, which unfortunately is vanishingly rare in Nashville.

In the absence of community shops, find a few new friends who work on their bikes, and start a weekly garage visit with them. Don’t offer to all of Facebook “come fix my bike I’ll buy you a beer,” because that’s lame. Tell them you’re working on your bike tomorrow at 7, tell them to stop by and laugh at you, and eventually you’ll have a little group that learns new stuff and gets some things fixed.