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Send us a text message: 615-601-2453 (615-601-BIKE)

Send us a postcard from your trip! Our mailing address is 30 Cleveland Avenue, Nashville TN 37210

Our land line is 615-742-4186 -- your voice message will be transcribed and sent to us as an email, and we will try to call you back within one business day.

We can't guarantee an immediate response, but we do respond even outside our regular hours. We're not really set up for emergency work, but we'll do our best when the situation permits.


The shop is located at 30 Cleveland Avenue, off Murfreesboro Pike. If you're coming from downtown, it's a right turn between the traffic lights at Polk and Foster, shortly after the Mapco gas station. If you're coming from the airport or I-440, it's the left turn immediately after Gun City, just past the top of the hill.

Official Business Hours

11 am to 6 pm

We try to relax on major holidays

Not cheap. Not fast.