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Having been fascinated by Ural motorcycles for nearly 20 years, it was perhaps inevitable that we became a Ural repair center in 2016 and a full dealership in 2019. We keep several new Urals in stock at all times -- more than most other dealers -- and we have 2022 Gear Up demo bike available for proper test rides. (To schedule a ride, please contact us.) Unlike the big multi-line dealers, we are genuinely enthusiastic about these machines, and our primary Ural mechanic is also the shop owner.

Current offers from Ural vary and are explained on their site. Trade in another motorcycle on a new Ural and receive an additional $500 from Ural.

Unpictured and on-order Urals are itemized after the photo listings.

2021 cT Zarja (Sunset)

2021 cT Zarja (Sunset)

October 11, 2021

Custom color from a European limited edition, with color-matched Baraholka boxes and tractor seat.

2021 cT Silver

2021 cT Silver

October 11, 2021

Gloss silver. It’s shiny! MSRP $17,714

Available Urals not yet pictured above

See Ural's page about the 2022 model year changes.

• 2022 Gear Up in Bronze Satin -- standard color for 2022, with black powertrain, rear bumper -- This is our 2022 demo bike, so it will available for purchase after 3-6 months and 500-1500 miles.) -- estimated out-the-door price with additional accessories $24,519 less $1,000 demo bike discount, stock #1030 -- cannot be reserved until end of demo service, sorry
• 2022 Gear Up in Garnet Red -- new standard color for 2022, with black powertrain -- en route from port -- out-the-door price $21,349, stock #1033

• Used 2014 Gear Up in Asphalt -- X8JMH0375EU224554 -- expected price $10,800 with four rebuilt wheels -- or buy now for $10,450 with the only the spare wheel not-rebuilt (waiting on one backordered Italian rim)
• Used 2005 Tourist in black -- X8JMH03725U214502 -- $5,900 stock #9020

Urals on order

Expected arrival dates should be taken with a grain of salt, in light of the recent less-predictability of global shipping and domestic freight.

• 2022 Gear Up in Sahara tan -- to be set up as a Sahara SE (tool tank, racks, light protection bars, etc.) -- expected late January -- estimate out-the-door price $23,015
• 2022 Gear Up in Flat Green -- premium color, standard silver powertrain -- expected February-- estimated out-the-door price $21,249• • 2022 Gear Up in Sahara tan -- premium color, black powertrain, toolbox gastank, painted rims+hubs, painted frame+swingarm+dash+clips+bars+fork tubes+handlebar (our attempt to recreate the 2008 Sahara LE) -- expected February -- estimated out-the-door price $25,049
• 2022 Gear Up in Weekender Poppy -- reserved -- Weekender special edition with classic two-tone white and red paint and silver accents -- expected late February
• 2022 Gear Up in Forest Fog Metallic -- to be set up as a Sportsman SE -- expected March/April -- estimated out-the-door price $24,101
• 2022 Gear Up in Brunei -- Yellow-white-black paint scheme themed after the flag of Brunei -- silver powertrain, rear bumper -- expected March/April
• 2022 Gear Up in Terracotta Metallic Satin -- premium metallic color, black powertrain, protective undercoating, rear bumper, jerry can bracket painted in body color -- expected April -- estimated out-the-door price $23,744

Urals we've sold

Need some inspiration for a custom order? Here are some of the Urals we've sold recently. Feel free to contact us if you're interested in different colors or combinations -- the factory in Irbit is able to make almost any Ural you can dream up!