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Fascinated by Ural motorcycles for nearly 20 years, we became a Ural repair center in 2016 and a full dealership in early 2019. We keep several new Urals in stock at all times and keep a demo model available for test rides. (To schedule a test ride, please contact us.) Unlike big multi-line dealers, we are genuinely enthusiastic about these machines, and our primary Ural mechanic is also the shop owner.

Current offers from Ural vary and are explained on their site. Trade in another motorcycle on a new Ural and receive an additional $500 from Ural.

Unpictured and on-order Urals are itemized after the photo listings.

2021 cT Burgundy Satin

2021 cT Burgundy Satin

August 24, 2021

cT has better handling for city streets. Standard color, no options. MSRP $15,549.

Available Urals not yet pictured above

• Used 2005 Tourist in black -- X8JMH03725U214502 -- expected price $5,500 stock #9020

Urals on order

• 2021 Gear Up in Terracotta Metallic Satin -- toolbox gas tank, black powertrain, Heidenau K37 tires -- expected early-September -- out-the-door price $21,544
• 2021 cT in Botswana -- three-tone blue/white/black paint, black powertrain, front bumper -- expected mid-September -- expected out-the-door price $19,809
• 2021 cT in Silver -- Black powertrain, front bumper -- expected mid-September -- expected out-the-door price $18,809
• 2021 cT in Zarja -- two-tone black/orange paint, black powertrain, front bumper, Baraholka boxes painted to match -- ready late-September -- expected out-the-door price $21,209 after some domestic paint work on the boxes

2022 Urals on order See Ural's page about the 2022 model year changes.
• 2022 Gear Up in Bronze Satin -- new standard color for 2022, with black powertrain, rear bumper -- expected early October (This will be our 2022 demo bike, so it will available for purchase after at least 3 months and 500 miles.)
• 2022 Gear Up in Racing Green Metallic -- premium color, black powertrain, rear bumper, pleasing beige tonneau -- expected early October
• 2022 cT in IKB Metallic Blue Satin -- black powertrain, spare wheel, front bumper -- expected early-November
• 2022 Gear Up in Garnet Red -- new standard color for 2022, with black powertrain -- expected mid-November

Urals we've sold

Need some inspiration for a custom order? Here are some of the Urals we've sold recently. Feel free to contact us if you're interested in different colors or combinations -- the factory in Irbit is able to make almost any Ural you can dream up!